Um Yong Baek is a Korean restaurant in Singapore with 2 outlets offering Korean-style BBQ dishes such as three-way aged pork for dinner and Busan-style rice soup and Korean pork for lunch along with drinks and soups. It is very popular among both tourists and locals craving for traditional Korean meal. You can get the complete Um Yong Baek menu in detail with prices in this post.

The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional and modern Korean dishes. Our Staff is very cooperative and easy-going you can get help from them in selecting the best meal according to your requirements. You get a sense of being a part of the comfortable and organic atmosphere. If you are looking for aging pork in Singapore, then you must visit Um Yong Baek Restaurant. 

Latest Um Yong Baek Menu (2024)

For the ease of customers Um Yong Baek Menu Singapore is categorized as: Aging Pork | Beef | Side | Meals | Alcohol | Soft Drink

Um Yong Baek Menu Singapore – Aging Pork

Pork is a global favorite meal that Um Yong Baek served in the following ways:

  • Ohgyeopsal
  • Tongmoksal Jumeokgogi

Let’s explore them in detail:

Ohgyeopsal is a tasty Korean pork belly meal that means “five-layered meat”.

Um Yong Baek - Ohgyeopsal

Tongmoksal Jumeokgogi is the most popular Korean signature dish that is a cut of meat.

Um Yong Baek - Tongmoksal Jumeokgogi

Um Yong Baek Singapore Menu – Beef

Beef is a great source of iron, vitamin B12, and protein. However, modest consumption is advised due to its high cholesterol and saturated fat content.

  • Ggakdook Deungsim

Meats made from beef include jerky, sausages, corned beef, stews, stir-fries, beef for hamburgers, roasts, and steaks.

It is a traditional Korean dish made from stir-fried spicy offal and grilled eel, then served over rice. 

Um Yong Baek - Ggakdook Deungsim

Um Yong Baek Menu Price – Side

Um Yong Baek is well-known for its delicious pork and rice soup. It also serves side dishes or banchan. These are a few typical side dishes that you could get at Um Yong Baek.

  • Meljorim
  • Truffle duxelles yangsongi gui – 8 Pieces
  • Truffle duxelles yangsongi gui – 4 Pieces
  • Myeongran-jeot
  • Ohsorigamtoo Sooyuk

You might expect a variety of delectable meals at Um Yong Baek, though the precise selection of banchan will differ based on the location.

It is Um Yong Baek’s favorite Jeju-style chilly sauce mostly served with grilled pork. 

Um Yong Baek - Meljorim

It is made with button mushrooms that have been packed with a savory mixture of finely chopped mushrooms and perfumed with the opulent scent of truffle oil.

Um Yong Baek - Truffle duxelles yangsongi gui - 8 Pieces

It is made with button mushrooms that have been packed with a savory mixture of finely chopped mushrooms and perfumed with the opulent scent of truffle oil.

Um Yong Baek - Truffle duxelles yangsongi gui - 8 Pieces

Button mushrooms are used in its preparation, along with a savory blend of finely chopped mushrooms and the rich aroma of truffle oil.

Um Yong Baek - Myeongran-jeot

It is a flavorful dish mostly served in Korean restaurants. It is made with the lining of pork’s stomach and served as an appetizer or side dish. 

Um Yong Baek - Ohsorigamtoo Sooyuk

Um Yong Baek Meals

If we talk about hearty, warming Korean cuisine, then how can the meals at Um Yong Baek be forgotten?

  • Deoulgireum-Makguksu
  • Mul-Makguksu
  • A bowl of rice
  • Doenjang-jjigae
  • Soondubu-jjigae
  • TongDaeji Kimchi Jjim

Um Yong Baek Meals include the following dishes:

Buckwheat noodles with perilla oil, or deoulgireum-makguksu, is a tasty and refreshing Korean noodle dish that is ideal for warmer times.

Um Yong Baek - Deoulgireum-Makguksu

Um Yong Baek serves a cool, refreshing meal of buckwheat noodles that is ideal as a lighter option or to counterbalance the richness of their Korean BBQ.

Um Yong Baek - Mul-Makguksu

A bowl of rice is not simply any average steamed rice, it serves as the base for their specialty cuisine, Dwaeji Gukbap, or rice soup with pork from Korea.

Um Yong Baek - A Bowl Of Rice

It is a popular dish at Um Yong Baek and many other Korean restaurants. It is a hearty and tasty Korean stew.

Um Yong Baek - Doenjang-jjigae

Soondubu-jjiga is a spicy stew that is ideal for cold Singaporean evenings or any other time you’re in the mood for something hearty and savory.

Um Yong Baek - Soondubu-jjigae

Thick-cut pork belly is simmered in a tasty kimchi sauce to make TongDaeji Kimchi Jjim. It is a filling and tasty Korean dish, ideal for fans of pork and kimchi!

Um Yong Baek - TongDaeji Kimchi Jjim

Um Yong Baek Menu – Alcohol

Drinks classified as alcoholic are those that include ethanol, a form of alcohol made when carbohydrates from grains, fruits, or other sources ferment. Some of the alcoholic drinks served at Um Yong Baek are:

  • Chamisul
  • Jinro
  • Saero
  • Hwayo 25      
  • Terra 
  • Premium leehwabaekju
  • Guksoondang makgeolli
  • Bottega Amarone
  • Buronga hill cab sauv
  • Wine (1 bottle)
  • Whisky (1 bottle)

Korean drinks offer a wide variety of options to suit every meal or occasion, ranging from the milky smoothness of makgeolli to the fiery spike of soju.

A distilled spirit created from grain. It is a common alcoholic beverage served with Korean food.

Um Yong Baek - Chamisul

It is a transparent, flavorless alcohol that can be consumed neat or with a range of mixers and flavors. It is manufactured from rice, barley, or sweet potatoes.

Um Yong Baek - Jinro

Saero contains less than 1 gram of sugar and carbs can be found in a normal serving of Soju.

Um Yong Baek - Saero

Hwayo 25 is a Korean drink that can be classified as a non-alcoholic drink, cocktail, rice wine (maggeli), or distilled spirit (soju).

Um Yong Baek - Hwayo 25

One of the biggest breweries in South Korea, Hite Brewery, produces Korean lager beer under the Terra brand.

Um Yong Baek - Terra

Premium Leehwabaekju has less body and alcohol than other Korean rice wines like makgeolli.

Um Yong Baek - Premium leehwabaekju

It is a Korean rice wine brand famous for its light-fizzy texture, milky, off-white color, and somewhat sweet and sour taste.

Um Yong Baek - Guksoondang makgeolli

Amarone, a red wine from northeastern Italy’s Veneto area, is a combination of Molinara, Rondinella, Corvinone, and Corvina.

Um Yong Baek - Bottega Amarone

Australian red wine Buronga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon at Um Yong Baek is made by Buronga Hill Estate, a winery in New South Wales’ Sunraysia region.

Um Yong Baek - Buronga hill cab sauv

In its most traditional form, it is a fermented grape juice-based alcoholic beverage.

Um Yong Baek - Wine (1 Bottle)

Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage produced from fermented grain mash. It is a complicated spirit with a rich history and a wide diversity of styles.

Um Yong Baek - Whiskey (1 Bottle)

Um Yong Baek Price – Soft Drink

Although soft drinks are widely used worldwide, their high sugar content and possible health hazards have drawn criticism.

  • Coke 
  • Zero Coke
  • Sprite

These drinks, which frequently include sugar, salt, and potassium, are intended to replace electrolytes lost during activity.

Coca-Cola is a sugary beverage that combines a variety of flavors and tastes differently for each person.

Um Yong Baek - Coke

With no added sugar and no calories, Coke Zero Sugar promises to have the same delicious, refreshing taste as the original Cola.

Um Yong Baek - Coke Zero

Sprite is a well-known drink offered by the Coca-Cola brand that tastes like lemon-lime. It is renowned for both its clear appearance and crisp, refreshing flavor.

Um Yong Baek - Sprite

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

No, Um Yong Baek Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant as pork dishes and alcohol is in the offerings.

The lunch time at Um Yong Baek Singapore is 11:00 A.M to 3:30 P.M. You can enjoy all the dishes offered in the lunch menu along with drinks.

No, Um Yong Baek does not offer any delivery option. Unfortunately, you can get a taste of your favorite Korean-style BBQ pork in just dine-in.

If you want to fully experience Busan cuisine, ask the staff about their favorite dishes or delicacies from the area. They will suggest unusual Busan-style meals that are uncommon in Singapore.

We do not serve soup and rice in the dinner menu. You can try soybean paste stew as its alternative.

Final Words

You can find an amazing blend of classic and modern Korean dishes at Um Yong Baek Sg which offers dishes like three-way aged pork and Busan-style rice soup. It is a popular destination for both Singaporeans and tourists and visitors looking for a genuine Korean cuisine experience because of its convenient outlet locations, warm service, and inviting atmosphere. Try delicious meals on the menu along with friends and family but do not forget to reserve your seat.

For any query, contact us!