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Um Yong Baek Singapore Review

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05:38 13 Jan 24
Good service and atmosphere. Food is overrated. Too plain.
Leo LeeLeo Lee
13:50 10 Jan 24
05:53 10 Jan 24
Samantha NeoSamantha Neo
13:26 09 Jan 24
Paul LimPaul Lim
10:12 09 Jan 24
Joy LimJoy Lim
04:47 07 Jan 24
Visited on a Saturday for lunch, Q system was easy to use. Upon taking Q there is about 10groups of people infront.Ordered 3 dishes as lunch menu only had afew times.Busan style Dwaeji - Clear brothMilyang style Dwaeli - Thicker brothWe preferred the busan style as it's more flavourful. Adding in the shrimp sauce and salt really enhanced the broth flavor.Pork stomach - very clean and chew taste. No porky smell at all. The dipping sauce was kinda spicy and sour.All table served with bancha sides (kimchi and chives)When we saw the other tables that are empty but the bancha are placed on the table with no clingwrap to cover let us concerned about the hygiene. Bacteria and dust might build up.Overall the service crew are pretty attentive and friendly.Might try for dinner menu next time.
Kenneth KhooKenneth Khoo
10:26 02 Jan 24
Please book before going, else you need to wait. We have set lunch and it was good. Price is 21 dollars for Milyang style Daejigukbab. Waiting time for the food roughly around 15mins. Food is okay unless you want to put more salt as it is not salty. Service is good in topping up banchan.
Carissa TeoCarissa Teo
13:48 30 Dec 23
Without a doubt the best korean restaurant I've ever eaten at! I ordered the Angus beef and pork collar which were both exceptional! Give the premium rice wine a try if you're there, they hand make only 80 bottles a week!! Lastly, their service staff took time to explain each condiment pairing with each piece of meat, truly an experience!! Would definitely go back again!!
Ava CheongAva Cheong
12:27 30 Dec 23
Um Yong Baek really never misses…Great that they have a second branch now but the queue situation for both is still crazy!!We got both soups but I forgot to take a picture of the Busan one. The Milyang one is still our preference - the taste is stronger and we enjoy that. Also we like mixing in the Pollack Roe to our soup.The pork belly (sooyuk) was tender as always and went so well with the garlic, chives, salt etc.While service was good, we did miss the nice waiter at Boon Tat.
05:21 16 Dec 23
Here at UmYongBaek for their opening weekend at their telok ayer outlet! The restaurant looked sleek and modern and the staff were very courteous and kind. Portions were generous considering the price and location, a bowl of soup and rice cost around 21++.
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Weijie AwWeijie Aw
03:22 13 Jan 24
Tried their lunch menu which only consisted of four items. Both their pork soups with rice were quite unique and I never had them before anywhere else in Singapore! True to Korean cuisine, the soup broth was bland but after adding some salt and pickled green chilli, the whole dish became flavourful and more enjoyable! Overall a pleasant dining experience except having to share a table with strangers, when dining as 2 pax, can be a bit awkward 😅
Hang Sheng SiowHang Sheng Siow
03:15 13 Jan 24
Samuel TungSamuel Tung
10:25 10 Jan 24
The pork quality is very good and sweet. As for the soup, it was very heartwarming broth and you can add salt or small prawns to make it more salty as you like it. Banchan was so fresh especially the regular kimchi. Rare to find this kind of Korean food in Singapore.
Constance KConstance K
15:54 09 Jan 24
Worth the price for its high quality meats. The pork collar was so tasty with the different sauce pairings. This meal way exceeded my expectations for Kbbq.
13:07 08 Jan 24
Went there to celebrate my boss’ bday! When we stepped in, they knew it’s us! Lol and there are service staff who helped us bbq the meat! All the sides and veggies are delicious too! I brought a cake and they also helped me to store the cake!
14:14 01 Jan 24
This is definitely a very different style of K-BBQ most locals are familiar with.While the food is good and service is top-notch, the long reservation time will deter many. I honestly do not think this deserves a 2 months waiting time…While the meat are very tasty, I find them quite tough. The different ways to eating is very unique. My fav was with the anchovy sauce.Due to the difficulty in reservations, doubt I would return.
06:51 01 Jan 24
Definitely worth the hype and make your reservations before coming! Both pork neck and pork belly are good - though if you like more melt-in-your-mouth type of meat, go for the pork belly.Staff will guide you on which condiments goes well with the meat and in which order. The braised sardine is really good but spicy.Skip the truffle mushroom and stews. The pork stomach is chewy - so probably can skip it too.
Justin daryJustin dary
11:12 30 Dec 23
Embarking on a gastronomic journey, I took my mom to Um Yong Baek in Singapore for her birthday celebration, and what an experience it was! Stepping into Um Yong Baek is like entering a realm where the art of grilling is mastered to perfection. The service here isn't just good; it's exceptional. Imagine being pampered with meticulously grilled meats, where each piece is a testament on how the pork was aged.The star of the show? The pork collar. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, so perfectly cooked that it nearly melts in your mouth. It's a dish that dances on your palate, making it an absolute must-order. While the pork belly was fairly standard, it paled in comparison to the culinary masterpiece that was the pork collar.But what truly sets Um Yong Baek apart is its service. The staff doesn’t just serve; they ensure each visit is a memorable event, grilling the meat to perfection and serving it with a variety of intriguing toppings. It’s this top-notch service that turns each mouthful into a delightful experience.Yes, getting a reservation here can be akin to a treasure hunt, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Um Yong Baek isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of flavors and service that leaves you yearning for more.
Jian Xiang WongJian Xiang Wong
08:47 31 Aug 23
Visited this place and my impression was somewhat mixed. The food was average, not meeting the high expectations set by the restaurant's reputation. While the menu offered a variety of traditional Korean soups, the taste was rather mediocre. Some dishes were enjoyable, but others left much to be desired, lacking the consistency I had hoped for.One positive aspect was the attentive service and cozy ambiance. However, the main drawback was the pricing. The cost was notably higher than anticipated, making it quite expensive for what was ultimately an average dining experience.While the restaurant's reputation suggested a memorable culinary adventure, the reality fell short. While the food wasn't bad, the overall value didn't align with the price point. It's worth considering if you're willing to pay more for the ambiance and Korean cuisine, but for those expecting exceptional taste, it might not be the best choice.
Gabriel TanGabriel Tan
11:49 30 Aug 23
Bestest Pork BBQ I’ve had ever. Pork Collar is so tender, the different methods the server taught us to eat the Collar was amazing. With Barley, Spicy Fish Sauce, pickled veggies, Traditional Korean sauce w lettuce and garlic.A new experience altogether!!I highly recommend to make sure you camp online at 1629hrs to make your reservation it gets filled by the the seconds. All the best and enjoy!

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